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Getting Started with Kafka + Flink

Eventador offers several plans ranging from development/testing plans to full production grade enterprise configurations. This guide will show you how to create a Kafka + Flink developer deployment, which is free for 30 days. If you’d like to deploy the Kafka only plan use this guide.


Eventador is a high performance real-time data pipeline platform based on Apache Kafka and Apache Flink. Eventador makes it easy to perform analysis and build applications using real time streaming data. Some areas that can benefit from real time data are sensor networks, IoT, click-stream analysis, fraud detection, or anything that requires real-time data. Eventador is deployed to Amazon AWS, and delivered as a service.

A developer deployment consists of:

Each account has an isolated VPC that your deployments live in. You must grant access to each deployment via the console in order for any traffic to be allowed through. More on this below.


Create a Deployment

Add an ACL

Create a Topic (optional)

A topic is a container to hold a stream of related data. We will use these topics for our tutorial on Flink projects.

Next step

Congratulations! You have setup a new Apache Kafka + Flink cluster. Now that your topics are created you’re ready to build a Flink project.

If you’d you’ve never used Kafka before you may want to try to send data with kafkacat.

Questions, feedback or find any of these steps unclear? Please contact us. We love helping people get started.