Enterprise-grade Stream Processing
Simple. Scalable. Secure.

Whether you’re just getting started with Apache Kafka or you’ve built your business on streaming data, Eventador delivers solutions to fully manage your stream processing implementation, so you can focus on the real-time application development that matters.

Introducing Eventador Elements

Eventador Elements for Fully Managed Apache Kafka and Enterprise Streaming Platforms

Elements is a collection of curated and fully managed plug-ins that provides connectors, sources, sinks, and other add-ons that unlock the potential of your streaming data infrastructure. It erases the burden of deploying and managing the various plug-ins needed for inspection, routing, aggregation, data capture, and management of streaming clusters by allowing customers to easily deploy fully managed discrete plug-ins that make streaming infrastructures a true hub for democratizing data across the enterprise.

Eventador Elements provides unprecedented simplicity with the ability to eliminate any worry about the underlying infrastructure, configuration or management—it is all handled and managed by Eventador in a true cloud-native fashion.

Fully Managed Apache Kafka

Eventador Fully Managed Apache KafkaEventador Fully Managed Apache Kafka adds more hours to your developer and devops teams’ day by eliminating the complexity of deploying, managing and maintaining Apache Kafka clusters. Eventador’s fully managed Apache Kafka streamlines cluster deployment and management with recommended configurations, version upgrades on your timeframe, robust team features and more.

Eventador delivers high performance, fully-redundant, managed Apache Kafka clusters deployed in the Eventador Instant On™ environment or into your AWS account—all managed via Kubernetes® in the background.

Eventador’s Fully Managed Apache Kafka is truly fully managed with 24x7x365, expert hands-on support via Slack, email and phone. If needed, our engineers troubleshoot and implement fixes, so you don’t have to.

Enterprise Streaming Platform

Eventador Enterprise Streaming Platform for Stream ProcessingEventador ESP simply and quickly paves the way for using distributed log technologies as your enterprise data bus to deliver a secure, unified platform for managing critical streaming data processors. Whether you already have an Apache Kafka deployment or are looking to get started, Eventador’s ESP provides the fully managed Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, connectors, endpoints, observability, and features needed to democratize data throughout the enterprise.

By enabling these with the simple push of a button, users aren’t forced into specific streaming configurations. Instead, they build, deploy and update an internal, self-service platform that directly fits their needs.

The 24x7x365 expert support means not worrying about massive man hours to update, optimize or troubleshoot your stream processing platform—we work directly with you to ensure that everything is operating smoothly at all times.

Eventador Trusted in Action with Critical Line of Business Applications

Our customers trust Eventador to manage the systems that process 100s of billions of messages per day across worldwide regions.

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    Eventador.io made the entire process painless. They have been a true partner, starting with the initial evaluation and continuing through our production implementation. Their expertise with Kafka allows us to stay solely focused on building and shipping features while they manage our Kafka infrastructure.

    ~ Matt Montigel, Director of Backend Engineering at Bleacher Report/Time Warner 

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    Eventador.io helped move our production to the next level of capabilities with their continued support, knowledge and capabilities allowing us to focus on our core market differentiators instead of focusing on our ingestion pipeline, which they are clearly an expert in.

    ~ Aaron Eppert, Vice President of Engineering, Packetsled 

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    Eventador.io has delivered! They provide an industrial Kafka service with the very latest in SQL and stream processing frameworks. Their customer service is second to none.

    ~ Elliot Starin, Founder/CTO at Mantis Networks 

Modern Use Cases Demand Real-time Data



Internet of Things


Microservices Coordination

Stream Processing for Microservices Coordination

Network Security

Network Security 2

Real-time ETL

Stream Processing for Real-time ETL

Real-time Manufacturing


Social Media

Social Media

Democratizing Streaming Data
Across The Enterprise?

Never before has it been as simple as pushing a button to build, scale and optimize an enterprise data bus built on streaming data. The Eventador Enterprise Streaming Platform delivers the resources and elements needed for a true enterprise-wide streaming architecture—all fully managed and with hands-on, expert support 24x7x365.

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