About Eventador: Streaming SQL for Kafka & Managed Apache Flink

We Are Eventador

We love building data products that leave customers stoked.

The Eventador Platform is the streaming data engine that data engineering, data science, and developer teams use to unlock the value of streaming data and build killer apps. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Eventador.io is dedicated to the mission of providing the platform that FinTech, IoT, Netsec and other real-time applications can be built on using simple SQL.

Meet the Team

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Kenny Gorman
Co-Founder & CEO

Kenny has 18 years of experience with various database platforms behind some of the busiest datasets in the world. Most recently he Co-Founded ObjectRocket. He has had roles as Chief Technologist, Architect, Director, Manager, Developer, and DBA. He was a key member of the early teams that scaled Paypal and then eBay, ran one of the largest PostgreSQL installations on the planet, and was a very early adopter and Entrepreneur using MongoDB. He is an active database community member, speaker, and evangelist. 
Loves vi. 

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Erik Beebe
Co-Founder & CTO

Erik has 18 years of experience architecting and managing the systems and services behind some of the best-known internet brands. Most recently he Co-Founded ObjectRocket. He is part Inventor, Engineer, and Entrepreneur. He has designed and managed petabytes of storage and designed systems that support tens of millions of users. He remembers Sun E10k’s fondly. He’s a Founder of Nixty.com and has worked at a number of successful internet startups and fortune 500 companies including eBay and AOL. 
Loves vi. 

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Julie O'Connor

Julie has provided CFO services to software, media, mobile, hardware and life sciences start-up companies. Her depth of knowledge runs the gamut from implementing new customer models, including SaaS, PaaS and cloud models, to completing venture capital financings, technology licensing agreements, manufacturing and marketing partnerships, and operational systems and processes. Julie founded an angel fund, which made investments in early-stage technology companies. Julie has a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Smith College and an MBA from Stanford University.
Hates vi.

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John Moore
Principal Engineer

John has over a decade of experience writing software, building tools, and delighting customers with a ridiculous dedication seldom seen. He has an odd passion for tinkering with low-cost computers and an addiction to contributing to kickstarter campaigns. He joins eventador.io as its first employee. 
Hates vi.

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James Satterfield
Principal Site Reliability Engineer

James brings 20 years of deep systems engineering, architecture, and support to the team. He’s a seasoned veteran managing massive business-critical systems and an experienced problem solver. James has a no-nonsense passion for simple, reliable, and fast systems. He’s a ninja, a honey badger, a FreeBSD nerd, a wise soul fueled by caffeine. 
Loves vi. 

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Leslie Denson
Senior Director of Marketing

Leslie brings deep experience in helping teams make sense of extremely technical topics – She’s a magician at messaging and content creation. She’s the glue to bring founders, executives, and customers together. She’s part storyteller, part demand-side expert, and all amazing.
Loves Photoshopped images of vi screens.

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Gustavo Tenrreiro
Principal Software Engineer

Gus brings over 20 years of experience to Eventador, where he joins us from Netspend and Planview before that. With resume boasting names from start-ups to enterprises alike, he has a reputation for being a rockstar software engineer and an expert problem solver. And, overall, he’s the guy you want on your team to develop the solutions that customers need.
vi ambivalent.

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Jonathan Tadros
Senior Software Engineer

Jonathan comes to us as a Java expert and an Apache Flink guru based on his work with companies like Wellsmith, Brighthouse Financial, and more. With an extensive history building real-world, production-ready streaming data pipelines, John instinctively knows what folks need from their stream processing systems. And most importantly, he's got the chops and the drive to make it happen.
Despises vi.

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Samantha Fiorenzo
Customer Success

Samantha joins us from MongoDB where she honed her innate talent for deeply understanding her customers and their problems while also matching them with the right solution to fit their needs and budget. Her solution-focused and no-nonsense mindset is an amazing and welcome bridge between technology and the customer. When it comes to finding the right solution stack for accelerating your business objectives, there's no one else you want on your side.
Will match you with something with vi—but only if it makes sense for you.

Advisory Board

Peter Bakas Roger Bodamer Meghan Gill Ben Sabrin Justin Stottlemyer
DataStax Archipelago Analytics MongoDB, Inc. Okta, Inc. Intuit
Chief Cloud Technologist/VP, Cloud Engineering Founding CTO/COO VP, Sales Operations Vice President Sales, Security Director, Chief Architect Data Lake
Previously with Netflix, Yahoo!, PayPal Previously with MariaDB, MongoDB, Inc., Oracle Previously with ScaleFT (acquired by Okta), MongoDB, Inc. Previously with Facebook, PayPal, eBay