0.9: Teams, Github, Plans And More

May 21, 2017 in Product News

0.9: Teams, Github, Plans And More

This release focuses on making the service even more robust, easier to use, and overall customer experience. Many of these features were inspired by direct feedback from you, our customers. Thank you for helping us build the best Apache Kafka™ managed service in existence.

Ok, let’s dive into the improvements in more detail.


As Kafka adoption grew it was inevitable that organizations would require controls to manage access privileges across a cluster. Role-based access controls became an often-requested feature. The new Eventador teams feature solves this problem by implementing role-based access for users in an organization. It all works as you would expect; A team administrator is able to invite users to the team and set an access level for that user. Users can only perform actions that the role allows them to. Users can belong to multiple teams as required. Administrators have full control to grant and revoke privileges as well as promote administrators. You get full control.

To use the teams feature: Go to the Eventador Console, log-in and click on your user profile then select teams or go here. You can immediately start inviting users to your team. If you have been invited to a team you will see an entry under my invitations. The teams feature is available on our Production and Enterprise plans. More on plans in a second.

The Eventador Teams feature has the following attributes:

  • Invite new users by email address (can be any valid existing Eventador user)
  • Manage invitations including revoking unaccepted invitations
  • Active team management with roles for owner, administrator, member, and read-only
  • Switch between multiple teams
  • View and accept invitations
  • The team owner is responsible for the billing for the team (sorry, someone has to pick up the tab!).
  • Administrators can promote users to administrator
  • Permissions vary by role. Including ACL management, topic management, and cluster management.

Github integration

We wanted to make registration and authentication management as seamless and easy as possible. Thus, Github integration was a no-brainer. Now registering a new account or logging into an existing account is a single click. We utilize the Github OAuth API to authorize your account. If you have two factor authorizations setup with Github we pass sign-up through that flow.

If you already have an Eventador.io account, you can easily link it to Github. To get started, go to the login page and select the ‘login via Github’ button. This is the first of a number of Github integration points we plan, so stay tuned!


As part of this release, we now deploy Kafka New deployments now build this version by default. You can upgrade existing deployments by hitting us up on Support. Don’t forget to check out the RELEASE NOTES.


Topic configuration is a key component of any Kafka deployment. We have enabled a number of core configurable options that can be altered via the console application beyond just replication factor and number of partitions. You simply specify your desired value(s) at creation time alter or them later. The UI helps you navigate through sensible values where appropriate. This should help you tune topics specifically to purpose and allow you to get the most out of your deployment. Topic configurations are available on our production and enterprise plans.

General improvements

We also made general improvements across the board for both ease of use and performance:

  • AWS deployment times reduced by more than 10%
  • User interface productivity and aesthetics improvements
  • Improvement to node configuration for reliability.
  • More powerful instance types for Kafka nodes.

Eventador pricing plan changes

We simplified our pricing plans, and now have 3 flavors that cover a wide variety of use cases and workflows. We adjusted the instance type, and made some changes to give the best overall performance, meet best practices when running on Kafka on AWS, and incorporate lessons learned.


First and foremost, we want to get a Kafka in everyone’s hands at as low of a price point as possible. To be completely transparent, we ultimately realized that totally free plans were too unreliable to give a good customer experience (at this time), we just couldn’t rely on that profile to leave customers excited about Kafka. So we combined our free and developer plans and decided to price it at $79/mo. You get a dedicated Kafka node and a dedicated Zookeeper with 30 days free. We believe this will excite folks to try our platform, learn Kafka, and develop amazing real-time applications at an excellent value point. I encourage you to sign up, you will be pleasantly surprised, we are always around, and we live and breathe this stuff.


When it’s time to deploy your application to production, we crafted a rock-solid performance profile that is highly available, scalable, and has 24x7x365 support. Let me say that again – for plans starting at only $999/mo you get 24x7x365 support. Not advice, not ‘priority tickets’, not vaporware, just real honest to goodness never say die support by the Eventador.io team, any time of the day or night. You don’t need expensive service contracts when you use this plan. It’s simply $999/mo plus any additional brokers beyond the initial 3.


Let’s assume you need something unique. Perhaps you want a deployment that has a very specific security configuration, AWS compute resource, Kafka version, region, or anything else not covered in our other two plans. These configurations fall into our enterprise plan. Simply contact us to get a custom quote to meet your exact requirements. Don’t be shy, if you have something you need, let us know, and we will build a solution that exceeds your expectations. Yes, these plans included the same amazing support as the others. So if you are looking to eradicate insane support costs for Kafka give us a buzz.

With all that said, if you are a startup we want to help. We know what it’s like when you have mountains to climb, and we want to help you get to the top. I am sure we can work out something awesome for you. Just ping us

You can see our new pricing on the plans page.

Wrapping it up

We hope these new features and functions will help you be even more successful with your Apache Kafka projects and infrastructure. We appreciate all the feedback we have gotten, so keep it coming! We are hard at work on 1.0, and we can’t wait to show it to you in early fall.

The Eventador.io Team

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