$3.8MM Funding To Fuel Innovation And Growth

June 11, 2018 in Product News

$3.8MM Funding To Fuel Innovation And Growth

Eventador announces $3.8MM seed round (including conversion of $1.3MM angel round) led by LiveOak Venture Partners.

We are excited to be working with LiveOak Venture Partners – and to have Venu Shamapant, Partner at LiveOak, join the board of directors. We also welcome Deep Space Ventures, RSH Ventures, Capital Factory, and Keshif Ventures in the round. It’s a powerful line up of folks who deeply understand our business, the technology landscape, and our long term goals.

Since we launched the Eventador stream processing stack we have been rapidly growing our customer base. We’ve focused on rock-solid fundamentals like enterprise-grade infrastructure deployments (bring-your-own-cloud), real first-class support, and high security. We’ve also added cutting edge features like projects, dashboards, and Github integration. But there is much more to come.

This round accelerates us toward our vision – one where previously impossible applications are now straightforward to build. Where it’s easy to code, deploy, and manage stateful streaming applications. Where you can focus on your core business logic – not operations. Your organization democratizes data, and all departments can tap into the data stream to build new compelling and business-critical apps.

We are growing the team in engineering, sales, and marketing. We are doubling down on R&D as well – to bring the next generation of stream processing solutions to market.

We want to say a big thanks to all of the customers, mentors, peers, investors and others who helped us through this process! Huge ^5.

Here is the press release

Cheers, John / Julie / Erik / Kenny

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