A 2018 Year In Review: Massive Growth And Exciting Moves

December 21, 2018 in Streaming News

A 2018 Year In Review: Massive Growth And Exciting Moves

With 2018 wrapping up, I wanted to take a few minutes (and inches of space here) to talk a bit about Eventador in this last year. This year, and the massive growth we’ve enjoyed, has been a rollercoaster of the best kind for the entire team.

We started the year knowing that we wanted to continue to build stream processing platforms that help our customers deliver on critical line-of-business applications that rely on streaming data. On top of that, we wanted to make sure that no matter what we delivered on our promise of 24x7x365 hands-on, expert support. We’ve done that, and more, this year with even more to come in 2019.

A Quick Look Back

We knew the massive growth opportunities the stream processing market had, and early in the year, we started looking for the right VC partners to help us grow into that potential. Closing our seed round with an impressive group of investors led by LiveOak Venture Partners (with participation by Deep Space Ventures, RSH Ventures, Capital Factory, and joined by existing investor Keshif Ventures) was just the first step in rapidly accelerating our go-to-market.

From there, we expanded our team to include a killer group of Developer, DevOps, sales and marketing talent. We founded Eventador with the mindset that building awesome products and having the best support staff in the business are the first and most important steps to having happy customers, and that has stayed top of mind with every hire we’ve made. And the hiring isn’t stopping! We’re continuing to grow our team to create the solutions that benefit our users and to deliver the best service and support possible.

2018 also led us to the Oracle Global Startup Accelerator program and being selected as part of their inaugural US-based cohort. Oracle (and by extension Larry Ellison) have, throughout my career, been one of those companies that I’ve been a customer of and looked up to for how to compete in business long-term. To be part of a group that they’ve selected to help accelerate our journey as a company was an amazing highlight of this year. We’re just getting started, and all of us here at Eventador are super excited to grow our relationship with them.

Evolving Our Product Suites

Last, but absolutely most importantly, we’ve also made large strides forward in the Eventador product suite. We believe that Apache Kafka and streaming data is becoming the backbone of many organizations’ data architecture and that Apache Kafka will be the foundation of a full streaming solution stack. But there is so much more to be done. Building a true stream processing platform to democratize streaming data across the enterprise has been the main goal—no matter how organizations are currently architecting their systems.

In fact, a number of notable companies have already built architectures in this design, namely Capital One, Uber, and Netflix. That said, there are so many organizations out there who need this type of platform, but don’t have the (very) large expertise and resource requirements to build it.

So we took that vision and started building the Eventador Enterprise Streaming Platform (now Eventador’s Fully Managed Apache Flink). We were excited during this process to have some fantastic conversations at both Kafka Summit 2018 and Oracle Open World 2018 that further solidified the direction customers are moving with streaming data. We could not have been more pleased to bring ESP to market in November and bring on our first customers.

Additionally, we’ve spent the year consistently updating and upgrading our Eventador control plane and console with features and connectors that help you build out a complete streaming platform. We continue to be the leader in Run in Your Own Account (RIYOA) deployment types (we just simply call it our Enterprise Plan). We moved our backend platform to Kubernetes, and now all new enterprise accounts are deployed using Kubernetes. This is a game changer for us, and expect a slew of new features coming to the market based on this framework (keep an eye out here for more on this coming soon). Lastly, we know how important security is across the board, and we’ve made sure that we’re providing the security features—like SASL authentication, CA creation and management, whitelisting access via ACL’s, intricate VPC peering designs and more.

The Evolving Streaming Data Landscape

There have also been some big moves made by others in the industry that are important to note as we look back at 2018. At Eventador we are big believers in streaming data, and in particular, Apache Kafka. We believe that more people using Apache Kafka the better: it makes for a better community and advances the state of the art. Organizations across the board are adopting Apache Kafka at a rapid and growing rate, and as such, we expect more and more companies to develop managed offerings.

At the 2018 re:Invent conference, AWS announced a Managed Streaming for Kafka service named MSK that is currently in a public preview stage. No two managed Apache Kafka services are the same, and with a variety of options out there, customers have several factors to consider when partnering with a managed provider. The Eventador Fully Managed Apache Kafka service is a hands-on fully supported offering, and the best of it’s kind.

We also offer fully managed stream processing using Apache Flink via our Enterprise Streaming Platform. The ESP control plane can utilize any Kafka cluster for a source or sink. This can be on our service (preferred and default) or another (optionally). We believe this gives customers unparalleled options and flexibility building stream processing pipelines.

Additionally, Confluent recently changed the license for some of their products to the Confluent Community License. Several customers have asked how this may impact Eventador as we currently support Schema Registry. Moving forward, Eventador customers can expect to have the same feature functionality as we maintain minimum parity with the Confluent version and as the API evolves. There are a number of options available to us under the Apache license including the Hortonworks Schema Registry. And to be clear, this does not impact Apache Kafka. If and when this licensing continues to evolve, we’ll be working to ensure our customers have the same best-in-class functionality and support available.

2019 and Beyond

In 2019, we will continue to invest in features and functionalities that make building complete stream processing applications easy, provide the best hands-on support around, and offer a fully managed stack. We have a number of new product features on the roadmap I can’t wait for you to see—again, with the goal of building your entire enterprise streaming data strategy on top of Eventador.

See you in 2019!

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