Announcing Eventador on the Google Cloud Platform

Over the last quarter, we invested heavily in building a Cloud Native version of the Eventador Platform on Kubernetes (K8s) – for both Fully Managed Apache Kafka and Fully Managed Apache Flink. Part of the reasoning for our focus on Kubernetes and containers was to enable the quick and seamless adoption of additional cloud platforms, but also for other properties like the self-healing design, service discovery, and scalability. Leveraging K8s allowed us to quickly add the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to our list of supported cloud platforms.

Creating deployments, managing clusters, setting security rules, accessing endpoints, and getting support all work exactly as they always have on the Eventador platform. Eventador still provides click-to-deploy and scale clusters for both Kafka and Flink, as well as Github integration, projects, teams, and Elements that work and perform in the same way as on other clouds.

Just like always, we deploy assets either into your account (bring your own cloud account) or ours. This design allows you maximum control over security policies, peering rules, and billing agreements. Eventador components like gathering JMX stats, core provisioning/scaling, and project management all run seamlessly by leveraging K8s and GKE underneath.

We are excited to announce Eventador is available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – worldwide.

Product Google Cloud Platform Amazon Web Services AWS GovCloud
Fully Managed Apache Kafka: Instant-On US-East (VA), US-West (Oregon)
Fully Managed Apache Kafka All All All
Fully Managed Apache Flink All All All
Elements All All All

To deploy Eventador on GCP, ping us for a demo and/or proof of concept environment.

Lastly, we want to hear from you if you are looking for Apache Flink and/or Apache Kafka on other cloud platforms (or on-prem). Drop us a line and let us know your requirements – we might already be ready to deploy.

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