Eventador Professional Services for Streaming Systems

March 26, 2020 in Apache Flink

Eventador Professional Services for Streaming Systems
Eventador Professional Services for Streaming Systems | Eventador Blog

When it comes to stream processing technologies, Apache Flink is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, according to the Apache Software Foundation, in 2019 the Apache Flink repository was the #3 Apache project repository by commits AND it ranked #1 for the most active Apache user@ mailing list. These stats show just how many organizations are understanding the benefits of Flink and are looking to it as a cornerstone of their streaming architecture. 

However, along with Flink’s many benefits come the challenges in writing, managing and scaling Flink jobs, which are only compounded by the reality that developer teams often have too much on their plate. Businesses that rely on streaming data to innovate and compete shouldn’t have to make the trade-off between realizing the benefits of Flink and overtaxing their data teams.

Hands-On Streaming Systems Help with Eventador’s Expert Engineering Team

The team here at Eventador is no stranger to being hands-on with managing all aspects of our customers’ Flink and Apache Kafka implementations and workloads. We’re taking that a step further by offering professional services to help organizations build, scale, and optimize their streaming systems.

Companies struggling with a backlog of streaming jobs to write can leverage our team’s extensive Flink and Kafka expertise to: 

  1. Set up and optimize streaming systems (including Flink & Kafka deployments)
  2. Write Flink jobs to your specifications – from design to production
  3. Build and deploy streaming SQL pipelines
  4. Normalize data and help implement best practices for complex schemas
  5. Troubleshoot performance problems, security vulnerabilities, and more
  6. Perform overall streaming system health checks
  7. Capacity plan to ensure you’re prepared for scaling without overspending on cloud bills

Our expert engineering team is hands-on with you to get the work done—and get it done right. We also don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach and build consulting engagements to directly fit the needs of your team. Want to find out more about Eventador’s services? You can always drop us a line at hello@eventador.io or fill out the form below.

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