The Growth of Self Service Streaming Platforms and Flink SQL at Flink Forward Berlin

October 30, 2019 in Streaming News

The Growth of Self Service Streaming Platforms and Flink SQL at Flink Forward Berlin

Our team had the opportunity to participate in Flink Forward Europe earlier this month, and, as always with Flink Forward, they had a fantastic time talking with and learning from the Apache Flink community. Many of the conversations we had—and a majority of the program sessions—confirmed the thinking that led to us developing SQLStreamBuilder: 

Companies increasingly understand how critical streaming data is to success and are looking for better, more self-service ways to democratize streaming data across their organization. 

Being able to more easily put the power of streaming data into the hands of the people who need to use it means getting better results, faster from Kafka-based data. And we aren’t the only ones who think so. Our CEO and Co-founder Kenny Gorman had the pleasure of speaking on a panel with members from Yelp, Pinterest, and AWS’ teams on the benefits and challenges of building self-service streaming platforms. 

In addition to the panel, Kenny also had the opportunity to host a session on how and why we developed SQLStreamBuilder. In a nutshell, we know from talking to customers that it’s critical to enable customers to build more of a self-service platform where the people creating streaming applications can use standard, familiar SQL versus having to write java against complicated and low-level APIs. This frees up precious backend developer resources as other engineers can self-serve against the Kafka data bus.

Want to see what else had the team excited at Flink Forward? Head on over to Kenny’s blog where he posted a recap with some specific highlights and sessions we highly recommend watching.

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