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All Things Streaming Data

Eventador Streams is a community-focused podcast to discuss all things streaming data.

With a variety of guests from all facets of streaming data—developers, data engineers, data scientists, streaming technology creators, and more—each Eventador Streams episode will look in-depth at streaming data, its uses, its challenges, and how it will shape the future of organizations.

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Recent Episodes

Eventador Streams · The Fun of Stateful Functions and Apache Flink with special guest Stephan Ewen

In this episode, we switch perspectives a bit and look at how the growth and increased variety of streaming data impacts In this episode, we had the opportunity to learn about Stateful Functions as well as dig in more on the beginnings—and the future—of Apache Flink with Ververica co-founder and CTO Stephan Ewen.

Episode Transcript

Eventador Streams · Real-time Data Science in a Streaming World with special guest Dustin Garvey

In this episode, we switch perspectives a bit and look at how the growth and increased variety of streaming data impacts data science and machine learning pipelines with special guest Dustin Garvey, head of machine learning at Archipelago Analytics. From the vast numbers of new sensor data that come online every day, to the data scientist’s need for plug-and-play access to that data, we ask the question, “Should all your data be a stream?”

Episode Transcript

Eventador Streams · A Primer for Apache Beam on Apache Flink with Special Guest Maximilian Michels

In this episode, we took our deep dive into Flink one step further with Maximilian Michels, who is not only a PMC member for Apache Flink but also one for Apache Beam. With Max, we had a fun – and educational! – look at the history of both technologies, how they work (and work together), and what the future looks like.

Episode Transcript

Eventador Streams · A Look at Modern Data Processing Architectures

In this episode, we take a deep look at today’s modern data processing architectures, and how, when all your data is essentially a stream, there are new pitfalls to overcome to access, transform and use that data for analysis.

Episode Transcript

In this episode, we had the chance to sit down with Charity Majors, Co-founder and CTO of Honeycomb.io, to talk all things observability—a topic that anyone working with streaming data has either been on the downtime side or the incident response side of—for a fun look at a slightly different but incredibly critical piece of today’s data systems.

Episode Transcript

In this episode (and to celebrate Eventador’s fourth birthday!), Kenny and I are joined by Eventador co-founder and CTO Erik Beebe for a walk down memory lane discussing the early years of Kenny & Erik at eBay, how Eventador came to be, and how it has evolved to the point it’s at today with Eventador’s streaming data engine.

Episode Transcript

Eventador Streams · The Growth & Evolution of Flink with special guest Marton Balassi

In this episode, we had the chance to chat with Marton Balassi, manager of Cloudera’s streaming analytics team that is adding Flink in to the Cloudera stack. Marton’s rich experience with Flink – as one of the earliest contributors to the Flink streaming code – made for a fascinating conversation around the evolution and continued growth of Apache Flink.

Episode Transcript

Eventador Streams · Ditching The Database and Materializing Views of Data Streams

In this episode, we chat in more depth about what materialized views on data streams are, why, as organizational reliance on streaming data grows, they are becoming more and more critical to stream processing success, as well as how they can help companies reduce (maybe not eliminate just yet) their reliance on databases.

Episode Transcript

In this episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Jesse Anderson, managing director of the Big Data Institute and author of the upcoming book “Data Teams: A unified model for successful data-focused teams,” about what the anatomy of a successful streaming data team looks like, as well as his thoughts on current streaming technologies (like Apache Kafka and Flink) and the future of streaming technologies (including Apache Pulsar and Druid).

Episode Transcript

In 2019, Apache Flink was one of the Apache Software Foundation’s most active projects, and on this episode of Eventador Streams, we take a look at why that is by discussing the good, the bad, and the awesome of Apache Flink.

Episode Transcript

For the inaugural episode of Eventador Streams, we dive into the challenges that organizations are facing with getting value from and scaling their streaming data systems and how they can start to solve some of the issues.