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Eventador for Data Engineering

Learn how the Eventador Platform is a time, money and sanity saver for data engineering teams

Built for Modern Use Cases

The Eventador Platform is built to give you simple, streamlined ways to write, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade data streams for today's critical use cases.

Key Features

Streaming data pipelines can be a challenge to develop, manage, and deploy in a manner that's useful to the business. The Eventador Platform breaks down the barriers to exploring, creating and delivering enterprise-grade streaming pipelines with Continuous SQL.

Self-Service, Enterprise-Grade Data Streams

Whether it is a single business unit or enterprise-wide that requires access to streaming data, the Eventador Platform allows you to provide a best-in-breed, self-service platform that solves a multitude of data problems with diverse team requirements. The Eventador Platform leverages the state management of Apache Flink while abstracting away the complexity of writing, deploying, and managing streaming jobs with the use of Apache Calcite-based SQL.

Enterprise Grade Data Streams with the Eventador Platform

Continuous SQL Engine With an Interactive Parser for Real-time Feedback

Distilling down massive data streams, performing useful computations, and creating materialized views to power a new breed of streaming applications now simply requires SQL knowledge. Users also get real-time feedback on SQL syntax with the interactive SQL parsing engine, which delivers the ability to iterate on SQL statements until they provide the required result and then execute on a stateful, Continuous SQL streaming job.

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Materialized Views Via Durable APIs Using SQL

Create and deliver a view of the current state of the data for easy consumption in your applications via named REST endpoints for use directly in applications, ML models, analytics dashboards, and more. The Eventador Platform eliminates the need for costly, slow database infrastructure to and lets users query materialized views on data streams using SQL.

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Automatic Schema Inference

Eliminating the time and hassle inherent in creating schemas, the Eventador Platform infers and builds schemas by automatically reading JSON data—even for complex or nested objects without requiring you to flatten data. Eventador also seamlessly integrates with Schema Registry for AVRO schema management. Now, you can start querying your data streams with SQL immediately.

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Fully Managed Apache Flink Runtime

Build on best-of-breed open source technologies including Apache Flink and Kubernetes, the Eventador Platform enables users to deploy production-ready, fault-tolerant stream processors with robust state management—including checkpoint and savepoint management. In addition to the SQL engine to write and deploy streaming jobs, the Apache Flink runtime is a fully managed service to author and deploy jobs in Java and Scala. And with simple integration to Github, users can easily create, build (maven), deploy, monitor, and scale jobs with a single push of a button.

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Input Transforms, UDFs and More for Data Wrangling and Custom Business Logic

Normalizing inconsistent data—especially when dealing with a combination of streaming and batch—and writing specialized or complex business logic can eat up massive resources that teams cannot afford. The Eventador Platform's robust feature set includes Input Transforms to let you normalize JSON data with a javascript function before you write SQL against it, and with Javascript UDFs that let you define and call custom functions—without having to restart or recompile the backend services.

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