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Eventador ElementsTM, a library of curated and fully managed plug-ins, provide the connectors, sources, sinks, and other add-ons that unlock the potential of your streaming data infrastructure. 

Elements erases the burden of integrating with various internal and external data sources by allowing customers to easily deploy fully managed discrete plug-ins that make streaming infrastructures a true hub for democratizing data across the enterprise. Elements provides unprecedented simplicity with the ability to eliminate any worry about the underlying infrastructure, configuration or management—it is all handled and managed by Eventador in a true cloud-native fashion.

Schema Manager_v1_011819

Schema Manager

Having easy and powerful schema management is critical for maximizing data quality in your stream processing ecosystems.

Deploy and manage a fully featured Schema Manager with Confluent Schema Registry v5.0.1 as the backend

Enable full versioning and easy editing of AVRO-based schemas

Simplify new schema creation, versioning, and schema validation with a full editor interface


Kafka Connect:Debezium

Having a high performance and simple mechanism to detect, process and send database changes as a source of streaming data is a common need.

Deploy turnkey, fully managed Debezium change data capture via Kafka Connect

Stream database changes to Apache Kafka topics directly within Eventador

Deploy the connector with a single click in the Eventador Console

AWS S3_v1_011819

Amazon S3

Being able to stream changes to a file system sink like Amazon S3 is critical for many enterprises.

Get a simple interface to create simple file system storage endpoints for streaming data

With a single click in the Eventador control plane, the S3 bucket receives changes and automatically manages chunking files

Benefit from a simple backup, a new source, or a point in time view for auditing purposes

Eventador Elements: Fully Managed Presto Connector


Being able to simply interrogate streaming data using a declarative language like SQL is a common and powerful option for Apache Kafka. 

Deploy a turnkey, fully managed Presto distributed query engine with a single click

Utilize Eventador’s full featured web interface with color coding and JSON support to run queries

Dynamically discover Apache Kafka topics and expose via the `SHOW TABLES` command

Use a modern Apache Kafka client with SSL/SASL authentication

Easily pull data out of Apache Kafka to perform analysis, create models, perform experiments, or create reports

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