Eventador Enterprise Streaming Platform

for secure, simple delivery of streaming data across the enterprise

Enterprise Streaming Plaform
For Data Democratization

Eventador delivers the first fully managed platform to democratize data across the enterprise in a secure, unified and self-service manner.

Eventador’s Enterprise Streaming Platform is a single pane of glass that enables you to build your enterprise data bus with streaming data using tools like Apache Kafka, Apache Flink and more as the backbone—all fully managed with 24x7x365 expert, hands-on support. Including a growing library of curated, secure and fully managed connectors, features and more that amplify the benefits of stream processing and enable users to custom configure the stream processing stack that works directly for their needs.

Fully Managed

Deploy, manage and troubleshoot ready-to-go streaming clusters or elements with a simple push of a button–all with 24x7x365, hands-on, expert support


Push button deployment management features from any GitHub branch/tag to monitor clusters, add team security and authorizations, wrangle topic sprawl, ensure data governance and more


Deployed in the environment that makes the most sense for your business and available with a full range of development, QA, and production options


Seamless integration with via rich APIs, which simplify using and managing new features, connectors and more 


Built on open source technologies and with customizable connectors and features, so users are not forced into specific stream processing configurations. Best practices for security and data privacy are baked-into the platform from the ground up

You write the stream processors.
We handle the rest.

Eventador Enterprise Streaming Platform Apache Flink Cluster Management

Powerful Apache Flink Cluster Management

Eventador ESP delivers seamless integration between Apache Kafka, Apache Flink and an entire ecosystem of sources and sinks, that you need to deploy a complete stream processing stack in any AWS region. Apache Flink management has never been easier with push-button job deployment and management with recommended configurations in Eventador’s control plane.

Robust Project Creation and Management

Eventador ESP, with simple integration to Github, enables users to easily create, build (maven), deploy, and monitor jobs.

Robust Stream Processing Project Management with Fully Managed Enterprise Streaming Platform
Eventador Enterprise Streaming Platform_Teams Features

Extensive Team Management

Managing teams within Eventador ESP is as easy as setting a team administrator who can invite users and set access levels. Administrators have full control to grant and revoke privileges as well as promote administrators all within an easy to use dashboard.

Simple Authoring and Deployment of Java and Scala Jobs

With Eventador ESP, you can quickly and easily author and deploy jobs in both Java and Scala. Eventador provides templates that make it easy to get started and build more complex processors and computations.

Eventador Enterprise Streaming Platform_Java & Scala Job Authoring and Deployment
Eventador Enterprise Streaming Platform with Extensive Savepoint Management Features

Robust Savepoint Management

Eventador ESP delivers extensive savepoint management features for easy and seamless deployment and upgrade of processors

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