The Eventador Platform | SQLStreamBuilder & Runtime for Apache Flink

Deliver Real-time Apps and Analytics with Continuous SQL

Whether developing streaming applications, real-time dashboards or ML pipelines, the Eventador Platform’s SQLStreamBuilder and Runtime for Apache Flink deliver a robust, enterprise-grade solution for simplifying your streaming needs.


The Eventador Platform's SQLStreamBuilder unlocks massive performance gains and potential new use cases by continuously performing SQL on streams of data for streaming applications, real-time dashboards. machine learning pipelines, and more.

Standards-Compliant SQL

Leverage ANSI SQL syntax, based on Apache Calcite, for the ability to query with the familiar SQL you know—not just a "SQL-like" language.

Enterprise Grade

Leverage Apache Flink's state management—including checkpoint and savepoint management—for production-ready streaming jobs.

Intelligent SQL Parser

Get instant feedback on SQL syntax with the SQL parsing engine to interactively author statements. Perform queries against streams just like a database.

Materialized Views

Define materialized views using ANSI-SQL that are automatically indexed and maintained, and arbitrarily queried via RESTful endpoints. You can query by secondary key, perform range scans, and can utilize a suite of common operators against these views.

Input Transforms

Easily normalize JSON data by defining a schema for the output of the transform and then writing a javascript function that operates on each message after it’s consumed from Kafka (or any other source) but before you write SQL against it.

Javascript Functions

Quickly create custom functions and call them directly from SQL to handle more complex business logic with no need to restart your system, stop your cluster, or compile/recompile anything.

Interactive Console

Simply author, validate and launch Continuous SQL streaming jobs with a rich, interactive editing interface as well as leverage seamless integration with Github.

Library of Sources & Sinks

Connect to an ecosystem of sources and sinks including Apache Kafka, ELK, and Amazon S3 as well as webhooks for custom application triggers.

Schema Management

Automatically detect and define JSON schemas, including nested and complex structures OR integrate with schema registry for AVRO schemas.

See the Eventador Platform in action

The Eventador Platform solves the complex problem of providing a queryable, time-consistent state of streams via materialized views—without relying on additional databases, web servers, load balancing tools or other complex infrastructure that can be slow and costly.