Fully Managed Apache Kafka

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Fully Managed
Apache Kafka
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Eventador’s Fully Managed Apache Kafka—deployed in AWS and GCP regions worldwide—delivers the support and expertise you need to focus less on optimizing and troubleshooting your clusters and more on developing the line of business applications that require streaming data. Whether you’re just starting to dip your toe into the waters with Apache Kafka or you’ve built out a robust Apache Kafka implementation, Eventador has a plan to ease the time and resource burden from you and your teams, so they can deliver on critical real-time application development.

With Eventador’s Fully Managed Kafka as a service, you reap the benefits, and accolades, of a robust streaming data infrastructure without the headaches and risk that traditionally go along with it.

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Customer Use Case:
Network Monitoring and Forensics

Learn more about how and why one Eventador customer is using the Fully Managed Apache Kafka stack to power their machine learning-based network monitoring and threat management platform.
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You reap the benefits of a robust Apache Kafka cluster

With time and resources for real-time application development.

Eventador Fully Managed Apache Kafka Simple, Guided Deployment Creation

Simple, Guided Apache Kafka Deployment Creation

Whether deployed in our cloud account or in yours and then VPC peered to your applications, creating an Apache Kafka deployment with Eventador is as simple as pushing a button. Once you select your AWS or GCP region and your preferred Apache Kafka version, Eventador’s Fully Managed Apache Kafka automatically spins up the appropriate resources—including fully managed ZooKeeper clusters—and configures your cluster—all managed via Kubernetes in the background.

Eventador Elements for Fully Managed Apache Kafka

One Click Integrations

You can quickly and easily amplify your stream processing by integrating Eventador Fully Managed Apache Kafka in with your current systems via Eventador Elements,collection of building blocks that make your stream processing clusters more useful, powerful, and connected with just the single push of a button. 

Robust Security Controls with Fully Managed Apache Kafka

Robust Security Controls

Security is built into Eventador’s Fully Managed Apache Kafka from the ground up, and users have multiple authentication capabilities including SASL_SSL or SSL certificates and whitelisting by CIDR block. Users can quickly and easily whitelist consumers and producers via the Eventador deployment scoped ACL controls and encrypt communications via SSL.

Simple Topic Creation and Management with Eventador Fully Managed Apache Kafka

Easy Topic Creation and Management

Creating and managing topics has never been easier than with Eventador Fully Managed Apache Kafka’s UI interface for topic CRUD, visualizing the partition map with leaders and replicas, customizing settings with intelligent defaults, consumer group lag and more.

Highly Observable and Supported Streaming Clusters with Fully Managed Apache Kafka

Highly Observable and Supported

Eventador’s Fully Managed Apache Kafka clusters are highly available and monitored 24x7x365 via Eventador’s virtual NOC. Our reporting dashboard provides you fast, extensive insights into the health of your clusters via a JMX daemon, and those metrics are also available via a REST interface and through integration with services like Datadog. 

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