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What Fully Managed, Hands-on Support Means with Eventador

Fully Managed is a term you hear often, but that doesn’t mean all fully managed services are created equal. At Eventador, delivering fully managed Apache Kafka and Apache Flink-based stream processing with hands-on support means our expert team of engineers is hands-on answering questions, diagnosing issues and implementing any needed fixes to eliminate the stress of managing, optimizing, troubleshooting and fixing your stream processing clusters. All without extra contracts or extra spend.

Have a question about Apache Kafka, Apache Flink or streaming data? Ask away. When it comes to stream processing, there’s no line between what we support and what we don’t.

Managed Setup and Deployment

Our expert engineering team works directly with you to best configure your deployment and capacity plan to ensure your stream processing clusters are right-sized for your needs.

Ongoing Monitoring and management

Our engineers monitor and manage your Fully Managed Apache Kafka and Fully Managed Apache Flink clusters 24x7x365 to ensure they work optimally at all times.

Real-time Application Optimization

We work with you to help code and optimize your real-time applications and stream processors to best work with and benefit from Apache Kafka and Apache Flink.

Troubleshooting and Fixing Apache Kafka and Apache Flink

Eventador delivers hands-on support within 30 minutes, and our team of engineers investigates, diagnoses and implements any fixes needed for you 24x7x365.

Upgrades and Maintenance on Your Time

We never force upgrades or maintenance windows. We vigorously test new Apache Kafka, Apache Flink versions as well as the upgrades to associated features to ensure they are stable enough for full deployment. And when we’re satisfied with the stability of the release, we work with you to find an upgrade window that is best for you.

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