Simple Streaming SQL and Managed Apache Flink Plans

Whether you’re starting to dip your toe in the water with stream processing or your business runs on streaming data, Eventador has the solution set to fit your needs.

Eventador’s SQLStreamBuilder enables you to run SQL against unbounded streams of data and create new, persistent streaming jobs—all in a single, simple user interface. SQLStreamBuilder eliminates the need for specialized knowledge and enables users to quickly and easily write, validate, and build entire stream processing systems using simple SQL via production-grade, full SQL language support based on the Apache Calcite® library.

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Need fully managed Apache Flink, unique security configurations, VPC, region, or other specific configurations for a full enterprise streaming platform? Eventador’s Fully Managed Apache Flink delivers robust configuration options and our Elements library of plug-ins, connectors, features and more that amplify the benefits of stream processing without locking you into a specific setup. All with 24x7x365 hands-on, fully managed support.

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