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The Eventador Platform provides a variety of capabilities that let you get more from your streaming data. 

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Free Trial

14 Day Free Trial


Full-Featured Trial of the Eventador Platform

Bring Your Own AWS Account

Also Available on Azure and GCP

Limited to 14 Days

Eventador Platform



Per EPU* per hour**

Full-Featured Access to the Eventador Platform

Available on AWS, Azure and GCP

+ Premium Support

* EPU = Eventador Processing Unit | ** Requires Annual Contract

Eventador Platform Features

Define Materialized Views Using ANSI SQL

Create Multiple RESTful Endpoints to Query Materialized Views

Full Featured Interface with SQL Editor

Interactive SQL Interface with Instant Validation

Avro and JSON Schema Compatibility

Use Confluent Cloud, Amazon MSK or Your Own Kafka as Data Sources

One-Click Job Deployment

Deploy Directly Into Your AWS Account for Added Data Security

Robust State Management for Highly Available Processors

Highly Scalable and Fault Tolerant

Robust Projects Interface for Custom Apache Flink Code

Available in AWS Regions Worldwide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions? Let us know or check out the in-depth FAQ in our documentation.

What does the free trial include?

The 14-day free trial includes access to the full Eventador Platform, including SQLStreamBuilder and Runtime for Apache Flink.

What support do I get?

Eventador delivers US business hours (9 am - 6 pm Central time zone) email-based support. For additional support options, please contact us.