Best-in-Class Security and Compliance

Critical Data Security and Compliance for All Eventador Solutions

Eventador Best-in-Class SecurityData security is a core tenent of Eventador. Robust data security and compliance standards, processes and features are and will continue to be a critical part of being able to deliver fully managed stream processing solutions.

Whether it is full-featured SASL and SSL capabilities, true end-to-end data encryption or being GDPR ready, Eventador builds data security into each of our solutions from the very beginning.

Data Ownership

With Eventador, assets are installed in your Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform organization for superior data privacy and protection.

Security Updates

Eventador never forces downtime; however, whenever any security or bug fixes for your Eventador-based solutions are made available, we will work with you to deploy updates quickly and at a time that works best for you.

End-to-End Data Encryption

With Eventador, data is encrypted at rest via encrypted EBS volumes as well as on the wire via TLS.

Application Firewall

Eventador enables users to restrict access to CIDR ranges or specific source IP addresses for increased protection.


Eventador enables SASL/SCRAM authentication with a simple certificate and user management.


Eventador offers managed SSL certificate authority per deployment as well as the ability to manage and issue client certificates.

AWS Gov Cloud

Eventador solutions are available in AWS’ secure GovCloud.

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