Complete streaming SQL interface to

  • query
  • author
  • execute
  • manage
  • iterate

stateful stream processing jobs


Rich SQL interface for creating and scaling stateful, production-grade stream processing jobs

Eventador’s SQLStreamBuilder—now in public Beta—is a rich streaming SQL interface for creating stateful stream processing jobs against boundless streams of data. 

SQLStreamBuilder—available on AWS and GCP regions worldwide—allows the use of simple, familiar SQL queries against streaming data to streamline the deployment of real-time data applications that drive innovation and open up new revenue streams.

SQLStreamBuilder also enables users to simply connect to a powerful and vast ecosystem of sources and sinks in order to quickly build stream processors using not only Apache Kafka but also cloud services like Amazon RDS, Kinesis and Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK).

SQLStreamBuilder | Rich Streaming SQL UI for Apache Kafka and Apache Flink

Want to learn more about using streaming SQL with Apache Kafka?

Learn about the differences between using SQL with a traditional RDBMS vs using SQL with boundless streams of data. And see real-world examples of how SQL expands the utility of stream processing to include a broader base of SQL users. Discover how combining SQL with Apache Kafka is like combining chili and Fritos®—amazing.

No Java or Scala Coding Required.

Create Stream Processing Jobs Using Only SQL.

SQLStreamBuilder: Rich Streaming SQL Interface for Apache Flink & Apache Kafka-based Stream Processing

Interactive Console for Simple, Rich Streaming SQL

Speed time-to-market for streaming jobs with SQLStreamBuilder, an interactive console that delivers a rich editing interface to enable simple authoring, validating, and launching of streaming SQL jobs. SQLStreamBuilder makes Java and Scala coding purely optional by providing a feature-rich SQL console with VIM mode, theming and color coding for SQL, SQL history and more.

SQLStreamBuilder: Rich Streaming SQL UI for Apache Flink & Apache Kafka-based Stream Processing

Robust Apache Flink Job Management

SQLStreamBuilder leverages Apache Flink and its robust capabilities, including the ability to stop SQL jobs and restart them from savepoint, while abstracting away the traditional complexity. SQLStreamBuilder also enables users to intelligently and easily scale clusters to serve as many concurrent streaming SQL jobs as required and to run each SQL statement multiple times in parallel.

SQLStreamBuilder: Rich Streaming SQL Parser for Apache Flink and Apache Kafka-based Streaming Data

Intelligent SQL Parser For Real-time Feedback

SQLStreamBuilder includes a built-in Apache Calcite SQL parser, which guides users with helpful feedback on validity while they are still iterating on the syntax. This enables users to interactively author streaming SQL statements until it produces the required result, and then seamlessly run it as a persistent production-grade job.

Deep SQL Library Support for Full Capabilities

Leveraging the Apache Flink API and the Apache Calcite® SQL library to deliver full SQL syntax—not just “SQL-like” capabilities, SQLStreamBuilder abstracts away the complexity of the underlying technologies to give users the unparalleled ability to use complete SQL for their end-to-end stream processing stack.

The Eventador Platform with rich, complete streaming SQL and fully managed Apache Flink
The Eventador Platform

Production-grade, Fault Tolerant Stream Processing

Fully managed with 24x7x365 expert, hands-on support, SQLStreamBuilder is massively scalable and fault tolerant for true production-grade workloads. SQLStreamBuilder brings together a best-in-breed Apache Flink stack, including checkpointing to ensure proper restart, and full integration with Apache Kafka, including self-managed Apache Kafka endpoints and Amazon MSK.

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